3 Questions That May Change Your Daughter’s Perspective on Life

What’s one thing that kills your daughter’s confidence?


We all struggle with it, even though we know it’s the thief of happiness, motivation and joy.

Every one of us wants to be our best selves and the best way to do that is to embrace our unique gifts.

But sometimes life happens and we make the same mistake’s over and over – and lose sight of what makes us truly special.

Sound familiar?

Hopefully, with each bump comes insight that brings a new sense of self-awareness.

The hard part is, your daughter’s brain and body don’t like to feel discomfort and may prefer predictability over change.

However, she’ll feel so much better when she’s able to recognize WHY she’s repeating behaviors, she knows, make her feel crappy.

I’d like to encourage her to peek inside her mind and ask herself:

“What NEED is this behavior is trying to fill?”

Here are 3 Questions that may change your daughter’s life forever:

(Because she’ll get really clear about what to keep doing and what to stop doing)

First, have your daughter think about a situation that frustrated her or hijacked her emotions.

Then, choose options 1 – 3.

1 – My approach was effective, and I’ll take this approach again.

Ask yourself: “What helped me keep a clear head and not be reactive?”

2 – Some parts of my approach were effective, and some resembled the patterns I’m working on changing.

Ask yourself this question: “What do I want to keep doing? / What am I going to do differently next time?”

3 – My approach fueled the fire and I want to change how I handled this.

Ask yourself this question: “What’s one thing I’m committed to doing differently next time?”

When she’s able to get really clear with her intentions something magical will happen – she’ll be able to get her behavior to match her intentions.

This is the essence of balancing mind and body and tapping into your special and unique gifts – AKA -quitting the comparison game.

It’s truly awesome to watch your daughter begin to spread her wings and grow into her own person.

And, it hurts when you see your daughter get caught in the comparison game – especially with her social media.

I can help you with that.

Grab a spot on my calendar.

Talk soon 🙂



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