3 Quick Ways to Dissolve #GirlDrama

#Resiliency Reminder

Is your daughter so dialed into #GirlDrama that she’s lost her perspective?

3 signs she may be slipping:

  • She’s constantly hustling to “’fit-in” to a certain group
  • Time spent with her tribe resembles a game of survival of the fittest
  • Dismissing unkind peer behavior has become acceptable to her

Sound familiar?

Then, it’s time for a reality check.

And, a new action plan.


Because the side-effects of drama can make your daughter sick – emotionally and physically.

3 Quick Ways to Dissolve the Drama and Regain your Sanity:

  • Check in – recognize what’s getting under your skin because your feelings will fuel your reaction
  • Mix it up – encourage your daughter to reach out to a buddy from another group or call a friend she hasn’t talked to in a while to catch up
  • Disengage – find a fun activity that breaks up your daughter’s routine and removes her from the action

The last thing you want your daughter to do is attempt to regain her personal power by stockpiling haters or seeking revenge.

Encourage the constructive route … validate her feelings, listen or connect her with a safe, positive role model.

Note : These tips are meant to dissolve the drama in the short-term.

It will take time for your daughter to learn how to assert positive influence over the outcomes in her life.

If she’s ready, read this article together:

The Ultimate Self-Advocacy Guide for Teens #TimesUp

You and your daughter are not alone.

What suggestions would you like to share with other parents struggling with this issue?


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