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3 Quick Ways to Dissolve #GirlDrama

#Resiliency Reminder

Is your daughter so dialed into #GirlDrama that she’s lost her perspective?

3 signs she may be slipping:

Sound familiar?

Then, it’s time for a reality check.

And, a new action plan.


Because the side-effects of drama can make your daughter sick – emotionally and physically.

3 Quick Ways to Dissolve the Drama and Regain your Sanity:

The last thing you want your daughter to do is attempt to regain her personal power by stockpiling haters or seeking revenge.

Encourage the constructive route … validate her feelings, listen or connect her with a safe, positive role model.

Note : These tips are meant to dissolve the drama in the short-term.

It will take time for your daughter to learn how to assert positive influence over the outcomes in her life.

If she’s ready, read this article together:

The Ultimate Self-Advocacy Guide for Teens #TimesUp [1]

You and your daughter are not alone.

What suggestions would you like to share with other parents struggling with this issue?