Your Daughter Can Do Hard Things When She Has the Right Tools for the Job

What’s your daughter’s take on the newly announced back to school plans? My clients feel like all the uncertainty is causing a lot of anxiety and fear, yet again. When uncertainty and fear set in, it triggers your daughter’s stress response … fight, flight or fear. The hard part is when your daughter’s stress response is running the show, it’s going to drain her energy. Here are 3 energy leaks and […]

How to Teach Your Teenage Daughter to Discipline her Mind and Create Healthy Habits

What does your teenage daughter need to feel more grounded right now? As these tough times continue, it’s important for your daughter to pay attention to how she’s feeling and practice guiding her thoughts in a constructive and productive direction. In order to deal effectively with what’s going on, my clients are asking for: ideas to combat the anger and boredom resulting from the corona virus outbreak tools to establish […]

How Many ‘Strategies’ does your Teenage Daughter Need to Feel this Good … How about 2?

When’s the last time you felt a jolt of excitement run through your veins? Sometimes, as parents, raising teenagers can feel all encompassing, tedious and over-scheduled. So when an amazing opportunity arrived via email this summer  – electricity ran through my veins. There it was, a chance to be in live and in-person at a 2-day HPS Core Training with the folks at Heroic Public Speaking. They had a few […]

Helping Teens Find Peace In a World Filled With Uncertainty

Is it time to help your teenage daughter make peace with uncertainty? Perhaps she tends to: Overthink difficult situations Put her bad experiences on repeat Allow her inner critic to take center stage The first step is to help your daughter understand that it’s NOT HER FAULT when everything feels like a complete and utter disaster. Let’s introduce her to the theory that’s causing her to ruminate on what’s going […]