Ep – 45 How to Make Your Daughter’s Mind Work FOR Her Instead Against Her With 3 Simple Tips

Have you seen it yet? That moment when your daughter comes home from school after the long break and looks at you with wary eyes, a furrowed brow and lips that appear to be moving but she’s stumbling over her words and there’s no audible sound. I feel like we’ve all been there. That moment in time where you want to clearly articulate the thoughts swirling around in your head […]

Ep – 44 Are You Raising a Highly Sensitive Teen? Empower Her Sensitive Soul with this Proven Strategy – Listener’s Choice

I’ve never been a fan of new year’s resolutions. Maybe it’s because the conversations I had with my mom were more about reinventing ourselves. And so, I’ve always been a believer that you don’t need to wait until tomorrow, next month or for a big milestone – you can begin again – anytime. Beginning again is simply about tuning in and being honest with yourself. Which, I’ll admit, wasn’t always […]

Ep 43 What’s the #1 Habit of A Successful Teen? Two Powerful Words: Begin Again

In today’s episode we’re going to unpack why it’s so important for your daughter to learn how to stop, look and listen so she can become adept at interpreting what each life lesson, each signpost, is offering. Because when she’s tuned in and exercising agency over her adventures in life, she’ll naturally see her significance, that she matters and that see that she has something unique to offer the world.

Ep – 42 Calm in the Storm: 3 Steps to Ease Your Daughter’s Exam Anxiety

Calm in the Storm: 3 Steps to Ease Your Daughter's Exam Anxiety

Parenting teenagers is no small feat, but being a parent during final exams is akin to stepping into the realm of unsung heroes. I remember thinking that I could write my final psych paper while also listening to Prince’s new album, Purple Rain. I also remember my mom walking into my room, shaking her head, and telling me this approach wasn’t going to work.
Unfortunately, my lack of self-awareness at the time left me sitting with a blank sheet of paper for the better half of my Sunday afternoon until I finally turned off the tape and got to work. But hey, I memorized all the lyrics – that counts for something, right?
Anyway, the funny, not funny thing is the real issue, what was ACTUALLY keeping me from writing my paper, which was never addressed.
The focus was only on time management. And while time management is important, there’s something more important because it’s probably keeping your daughter from doing what she needs to do too.
A crucial skill she hasn’t learned – yet.
So, in today’s episode, we’re going to address that crucial skill – mind management. We’re going to dive into 3 Stress-Busting Steps that will prime your daughter’s mind so she can maximize her mind and her time.
You’ll find the full episode and more resources for parenting your teenage daughter at https://cultivatingresilientteens.com/podcast/

Ep – 40 How to Calm Your Daughter’s Anxious Mind So She Feels Good About Her Future

Ep - 40 How to Calm Your Daughter’s Anxious Mind So She Feels Good About Her Future

Hey parents, Does your daughter’s anxiety come from thinking about her future, or trying to control it? It’s no mystery that uncertainty has the power to ignite the strongest human emotions – anxiety and fear. And if fear and anxiety are the ‘kryptonite’ that are keeping your daughter from establishing the friendships she craves or developing a strong sense of self, stay tuned. This episode is designed to help you […]