Ditch the Angst And Show Your Daughter How To Dance Into her Future – 3 Easy Tips

Is your daughter’s behavior a bit of a riddle right now? You may be thinking it’s just spring fever; but I suspect something else is going on – at least that’s what my clients are telling me. If you’re confused by  your daughter’s overly dramatic responses or inability to disconnect from YouTube – you may want to read this! And, I’d like to invite you to look at Spring Fever […]

How to Survive the Middle School Funny Business and Stay Connected to your Teen!

How will you survive the Middle School Funny Business? With an open heart and a willingness to accept the big changes that lie ahead! And, coming together with other parents in your community. If you’re in the Boulder or surrounding area, join us for a FREE event on how to create a smooth transition to middle school. Together with the Parent Engagement Network we’ve created an opportunity to bring your […]

Don’t Fear the Middle School Shenanigans and Villains! Try these simple Survival Tips

Are you and your student freaking out about the pecking order, social villains and possible locker room shenanigans? It’s easy to let your imagination run wild during a big transition. That’s why we’re covering the 3 Biggest Freak Out Factors with specific tips on how to survive so you and your student don’t get overwhelmed. In Part Two of Freaking Out about Transitioning into Middle School? Help is on the […]

Fearful about the Middle School Transition? Help is here … Part One

Are you freaking out about your child’s transition into Middle School? It’s time to become familiar with the 3 Biggest Freak Out Factors and the corresponding Survival Guide so you and your student don’t get overwhelmed. In this three-part series, I’m addressing the 3 Biggest Freak Out Factors associated with making the transition into Middle School. The Fear Factor – Strike a Balance The Friend Drama – Navigate the Turbulence […]