#TimesUp – The Ultimate Self-Advocacy Guide for Teens

Have you and your daughter had an opportunity to talk about the #metoo, #timesup or #whywewearblack movement? Even though the glass ceiling hasn’t quite shattered or the hinges torn off the doors of inequality just yet, I’m hopeful that Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes will bring positive change … for your daughter and mine. It’s no secret that sexual harassment, discrimination and disempowerment towards woman reaches far beyond the

3 Proven Steps to Help your Stressed-Out Teen

If your daughter could make ONE wish, what would it be? Studies show that teens are experiencing a higher rate of tension headaches and disrupted sleep. They’re struggling with how to balance multiple responsibilities … and it feels like too much to manage. When your daughter experiences a significant stressor, and doesn’t have the tools to cope, it’s normal to “wish” the pain and problem would just go away, so

Dangerous behaviors that strip your daughters power – and how you can guide her to safety.

Is your teenage daughter exhausted and stressed out? Her fatigue may be the due to self-defeating behaviors that deplete her personal power. Research shows that girls are more aware of human emotion and process emotional stimuli differently than boys. Experiencing sensitivity overload on a regular basis can make teenage girls more vulnerable to feeling anxious and depressed. Even the most confident teen may falter if she is: Always blaming someone

Your Daughter’s Nemesis – Her Image in the Mirror

Your Daughter’s Nemesis – Her Image in the Mirror

What’s up with your teen daughter’s body image? It’s tough to know what your daughter is thinking when she looks in the mirror. You watch her obsess over her clothes, her hair and her face. All too often her mood goes downhill from there. Most teenage girls spend a fair amount of time choosing clothes, scrutinizing “flaws”, and practicing their selfie face. That’s normal, right? According to a recent study,