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Freaking Out about Transitioning into Middle School? Help is on the way …

Are you freaking out about your child’s transition into Middle School?

Leaving Elementary for Middle School can be one of the most challenging adjustments for parents and students because the list of uncertainties may cause emotional overload and sleepless nights.

Chances are, your student has been exposed to middle school war stories or read a few books about strict teachers, social villains and shenanigans in the locker room.

My clients also express fears related to:

If your heart is racing – take a deep breath – help is on the way!

If you’re ready to minimize the turmoil and prepare your student to walk into Middle School feeling excited and confident – it’s time to become familiar with 3 Biggest Freak Out Factors® and the corresponding Survival Guide®.

Stay Tuned.

I’ll be exploring the 3 Biggest Freak Out Factors® and Survival Guide® tips this month.

Do you have a secret approach for creating a smooth transition?

Please share it because when one student is confident and happy, the positive energy is contagious!