Give Your Daughter the Tools to Build the Life She Dreams Of

Is your teenage daughter sitting in her room 

wanting, waiting, wishing

for that MAGICAL THING to happen

so she can have everything she dreams of?

It may be time to put her thoughts and feelings in to perspective.

Are you thinking…

I just want my daughter to be happy and have the tools she needs to create the life she wants?

Then she’s going to need to learn:

  • what she needs to have in her toolbox
  • how to access the right tool at the right time

Go ahead and set your daughter up for success. 

Try following this 3 step process the next time things don’t go as planned:

  1. Let her FEEL all the feels – confused, concerned, disappointed, frustrated, upset.
  2. Do a BRAIN DUMP – make it productive by talking about how she’d like the situation to play out. Fill in the blank “wouldn’t it be nice if ______________________.”
  3. Find the potential OPPORTUNITIES inside the obstacles by looking at all the options in the situation.

You may be tempted to throw out a good tip, like “try looking at the glass half-full?”

Or, dismiss her feelings as “drama” and hope that she’ll figure it out.

However, there’s an important message you’ll want to send your daughter – take time to honor the process because every experience in life is an opportunity to build her emotional courage and resilience.

If you try the 3 Step Process and your daughter pushes you away, continues to isolate herself and is only “socializing” via her media, you may want to reach out to a professional.

I have yet to meet a teenage girl, even the introverts, who doesn’t crave a solid connection with her peers.

Many of the families I work with reach out because they’re tired of the conflict and tension at home.

If you’re ready for some peace and harmony, I can help.

One of my clients recently shared “I learned so much from our session – I think what you do is amazing and appreciate how you’ve helped me – being reminded to ask, and not assume what my daughter was thinking was so eye opening for me. Thank you.

Are you ready?

Grab a spot on my calendar now and we’ll see what you need in a complimentary

Discovery Session.

Or, maybe you know another parent whose alternately proud, encouraged, frustrated and sometimes deeply worried about their teenage daughter?

Please share these tips because we’re always stronger together.

*** If you’re wondering who the lovely teenage girl is in this photo it’s our daughter on her first day of her sophomore year in college. I’m incredibly proud of her ability to practice – and stick with – the arduous process I refer to as building emotional courage and resilience***


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