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How to Have the Conversation you Crave by Using this Simple Approach with Your Teen

Do different opinions and priorities with your teenager lead to messy communication and endless power struggles?

Whether your daughter is the engage-in-battle type or more reserved, the Back-Door Approach may help you create that authentic connection you crave.

In our full-speed-ahead-world, it’s increasingly difficult to slow down long enough to get a pulse on what’s really going on in your relationship.

Rather than taking the rapid-fire, nagging or lecturing approach … first ask yourself these two questions:

Then, try The Back-Door Approach:

Peak your daughter’s curiosity and take her off the hot seat by talking in the third person.

Avoid becoming the “Bad Guy” by steering clear of negative comments and judgement.

Think incrementally because the little connections are what will sustain you and build momentum.

If your daughter continues to offer little in the form of conversation, try to hone in on her non-verbal cues:

These behavioral cues are a window into her inner-world and a may serve as a conversation starter and avenue to explore.

Remember, when you try the back-door approach, it’s about being curious, open-hearted and patient.

What’s your best approach to avert the blank stares and get the conversation going with your daughter?