Helping parents empower their teenage daughters to build confidence, integrity and resilience for all of life’s adventures.

Shawna B Warner, MSW

Shawna B Warner, MSW
Parent & Teen Coach

Welcome to the Cultivating Resilient Teens Podcast!

This show offers you a lot of practical guidance, tools and strategies.

So, you can be the parent you want to be and help your teenage daughter easily navigate the everyday challenges that come with being a teenage girl these days.

We’re going to cover it all …

  • How to support her when she feels left out or hasn’t found her just right tribe.
  • What to do when she won’t talk to you or everything’s an argument.
  • And, what’s “normal” and when to be concerned.

After years of working with teens, including raising our three teenagers, I’ve identified 4 Key Steps to Cultivating a Resilient Teen:

  • Developing a strong sense of self
  • Creating meaningful educational experiences
  • Fostering a connective family life
  • Designing healthy social scenarios

I want you to have all the right tools for the task at hand.

So, each week we’re going to dive into a common challenge and offer you real-life, doable tools you can start using today.

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