Raising a Highly Sensitive Teenager? Try this Antidote Today!

Are you raising a highly sensitive teenager?

You’ve got your work cut out for you because she’s growing up a world where:

  • information overload is part of the landscape
  • busy people are viewed as more productive
  • stressed out people are perceived as having greater success

It’s no wonder your daughter is exhausted.

She’s processing an insurmountable amount of bewildering images and likely striving to exceed unrealistic social, emotional and academic expectations – all while being expected to appear agreeable, gracious and likable.

If you multiply the intensity of these expectations by 100, you’ll get a feeling for how a highly sensitive teenage girl feels on a daily basis.

It’s no surprise if your daughter appears to be:

  • collapsing under pressure
  • pushing for that elusive sense of balance
  • attempting to self-sooth with unhealthy behaviors

Please don’t ask your daughter to change who she is … instead, offer up possible ways for her to embrace her gifts.

She’ll welcome a counterbalance the constant stimulus and pressure.

What’s the best ANTIDOTE for highly sensitive teens – a healthy dose of KNOWLEDGE.

Self – K-N-O-W-L-E-D-G-E, that is.

Take a moment, with your daughter, to explore this approach:

K – know that it’s OKAY to say NO to requests that don’t fit your core values

N – never underestimate your ability to do anything – you can combat your fear with courage

O – own up to the messages your instincts are telling you

W – wonder what environments are most conducive to learning for you? Take the necessary steps to find out

L – love yourself wholeheartedly (flaws, mistakes, quirks … all of you!)

E – explore your unique gifts and opportunities with a sense of curiosity

D – discover where you can find “your people” and create opportunities to spend time together

G – get honest about what you need and then let people know, rather than expecting them to read your mind

E – enlist family and friends to support you by offering a safe place where you can always be you

This may feel like a long list of strategies to practice or new tasks to learn.

Her effort will be work the outcome, I promise!

And, you’ll be giving your daughter a distinct advantage in life.

She’ll feel more confident to:

  • advocate for herself
  • tackle difficult conversations
  • embrace mistakes
  • cultivate her resiliency
  • welcome life’s adventures

It’s time to lean into your intrinsic gifts and never apologize for who you are … shine a light on the value of human emotion.

Are you ready to inspire someone who might be struggling?

We’d love to hear how you and your daughter have overcome the challenges that accompany being a highly sensitive person.

And remember, we all need support, guidance and accountability in this journey we call life.

If you’re ready to make a much needed shift now, reach out by making an appointment for a complementary Discovery Session.

Your effort will be worth the outcome, I promise!


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