90 Minutes to Clarity and Strategies that Work

With Shawna Warner, MSW, Parent and Teen Coach

These breakthrough sessions are perfect for brainstorming effective ways to solve ONE of these issues:

You don’t have to figure this out by yourself.
When you invest in tools and strategies that work,
you and your daughter will walk away happy,
confident and more connected.

You’ll get:

If after this session you’d like more comprehensive support through my 90 Days to a More Resilient Teen program, this 90-minute session is deducted from the total cost.

Let’s do this!

I can’t wait to help you find a simple process that’ll empower your teenage daughter to build confidence, integrity and resilience for all of life’s adventures.


Shawna B Warner, MSW
Parent & Teen Coach
Cultivating Resilient Teens

About Shawna Warner, MSW, Parent and Teen Coach

Shawna’s clients say that her Superpower is her unique ability to connect with parents and teens in an inspiring and effective way.

A client recently shared, “Shawna, I really feel like you’re having an amazingly positive impact on our family. We are seeing a much happier, more confident teenager these days.”

How did Shawna become a parent and teen coach? By following her heart and intuition.

While getting her master’s degree in clinical social work at the University of Denver, Shawna finally found “her tribe.”

Shawna Warner

Next, came the opportunity to be part of the dynamic advanced behavioral clinical team (Inpatient, Residential, Day Treatment) at the Devereux Cleo Wallace center.

Studying and working alongside her peers, professors and community leaders helped Shawna hone her ability to solve complex mental health problems and help her clients create the life they’d always dreamed of.

Inspired by the success her clients achieved, combined with her Coach Training Certification through an ICF (International Coach Federation) recognized program, and her real-life parenting experiences, Shawna found herself uniquely qualified to help parents and teenagers identify doable strategies that get results.

As a parent to three amazing, challenging, thoughtful and rapidly growing teenagers, Shawna admits she’s made her share of mistakes. However, she has come to realize that no matter how resourceful and loving you are it truly takes a village to raise confident, well-adjusted human beings. You can’t do it all on your own.

Shawna lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband, an avid cyclist and entrepreneur, her three teens and her rescue dog (AKA her furry boy), Rocky. When she’s not with her clients or podcasting, she’s spending time with her family, riding her bike, hiking with friends, reading, or cleaning up a messy kitchen.