What Clients Say

WOW. Shawna can be described as amazing and insightful. She is very kind, approachable, and patient when working with me and my teenager. She worked hard to teach me how to look within for the answers. Finding these has helped me to understand things through the eyes of my 17-year old. We were able to move to a more effective way of communication, and thus a much better understanding of both sides of our issues. Though we do not always agree, we have tools in place to use when needed. As a result, we have been able to improve our relationship from a parent, young adult, to a unique, special friendship. Life is always a "work in progress" but the tools we need in our toolbox continue to change, just as our lives. I feel Shawna is a coach that understands this and is an asset to our family.

K.M. Colorado

Shawna is so naturally kind and compassionate toward her clients. She really helped me realize what I have control over in life, and what I don’t. How to navigate middle school, and all the people in it that seemed to be controlling me. She helped me realize what was really important, and why I felt the way I did about myself. It seems to come so naturally what to say, and how to teach you to control your feelings, whether it be from little drawings and diagrams, or just in-depth conversations, I always really enjoyed talking with her. I am now a much happier, and more confident kid, navigating through my life with occasional help from a very talented coach! Thanks so much!

L.L. (teen) Colorado

Thank you, Shawna, for helping me realize how much better I feel when I talk to someone. I understand now that I have choices. And most of all, thank you for not giving up on me. That is very important, being as though some people did.

E.B. (Teen) Colorado

Shawna is the one person who got through to our teenage daughter. As her parents, we can’t thank you enough for your work ethic and everything you did with Bri.

L.W. Colorado

Shawna was very helpful in guiding me to remain supportive and patient with my ever changing teenager. She was able to help me understand all the changes, challenges, and adjustments they face emotionally and physically. Her coaching our teenager was truly beneficial for our entire family!

S.E. Colorado