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You are a caring, resourceful and hard-working parent who cherishes seeing your daughter grow into herself. But, the shift into teen years brings new worries, busier schedules and an overall sense of chaos.

How can you keep the conversation flowing? And how will you navigate the complexities of adolescence, including the confusing and often misleading world of social media? It’s tough to know whether to tackle those issues or step back and give her space.

Work with Shawna Warner

You want to see her discover her own gifts and function well in the world. You want her to become independent without losing touch. Your greatest hope is that she’ll find her place in the world and know her value.

That’s where I come in. As a parent of three teenagers, a Certified Life Coach and a Clinical Social Worker (not to mention I have 3 sisters), I’m uniquely qualified to assist with the complicated teen journey.

I founded Cultivating Resilient Teens and designed 4 integral steps to help parents like you empower their teenage daughters to build confidence, integrity and resilience for all of life’s adventures.

4 Steps to Cultivate Resilient Teens

Develop a Strong Sense of Self

  • Together we’ll identify role models for your daughter’s specific gifts, talents and passions.
  • I will help her raise body awareness and set strong personal boundaries.
  • She will develop a sense of personal power and be at choice to create the life she desires.

Create Meaningful Educational Experiences

  • Together we’ll discover where she excels and develop study habits that fit her style of learning.
  • We’ll discuss how to talk to teachers respectfully, advocate for herself, and approach academics with a growth mindset.
  • She will gain mastery in navigating group projects, how to lead and when to follow.

Design Healthy Social Scenarios

  • Together we’ll identify core values to live by and help her find like-minded peers.
  • I’ll help her shift priorities and mitigate the negative effects of social media by demystifying it.
  • She will become adept at separating fact from interpretation and dissolving drama.

Foster a Connective Family Life

  • Together we’ll create a home environment where everyone can be themselves.
  • You’ll all learn how to connect through conflict by looking for common ground.
  • You’ll come away with tools and habits to keep your family aligned and enjoying each other.

I am ready to help you empower your teenage daughter to build confidence, integrity and resilience for all of life’s adventures.

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