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Your Daughter Works Really Hard, Don’t Let Her Make This Mistake

Are you ready for your daugther to achieve that personal VICTORY she deserves?

Whether she has her eye on scoring the winning goal or finishing first in her event – her standards are probably high.

Celebratory hugs and high-fives are exhilerating, create connection and keep her coming back for more.

The Challenge

Sometimes your daughter may put so much pressure on herself that she shows up to her event feeling …

As a parent, this is tough to see and tricky to manage.

On one hand, you know your daugther will likely be more resilient and motivated, once the dust settles.

And, learning to ‘ride the waves’ is an essential life skill.

The hard part is, if her experience leaves you with a heavy heart, you may be tempted to offer well-meaning, confidence-enhancing reassurances.

Unfortunately, this usually backfires because your daughter may think you’re dismissing the significance of her “perceived” failure.

What You Can Do

When your daugher doesn’t meet her expectations, first, take a deep breath.

And, when the time feels right, explore the difference between GOALS and EXPECTATIONS.

Goals are:

Expectations are:

Remember, your daughter is growing into her own person and there’s a natural learning curve here.

Growth and Development

You play an important role here because teaching your daughter to believe in herself and celebrate her little victories will build positive momentum.

As she begins to build an awareness of who she is, what her heart desires and how to move forward, it’ll be super cool for her to discover what she’s made of.

One of my daughter’s favorite quotes is “You were born an original, don’t die a copy.” ~ John Mason

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