3 Simple Steps to Keep Your Daughter Strong When She’s Under Pressure

Is your daughter stressing over an important exam or project?

My clients keep telling me they feel so much pressure right now and it’s causing them to:

  • Freak out
  • Procrastinate
  • Feel really tired

Does this sound familiar?

If you said “YES,” it may be because your daughter has allowed her inner critic to take center stage and chip away at her confidence and energy.

This simple 3-Step process will help her RESET her mind and body so she can STAY STRONG when she’s under pressure.

Step One

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your daughter can calm her racing heart and mind when she breathes in compassion and breathes out courage.

  • Take 3 minutes to sit / lie down and close your eyes.
  • Place your left hand on your heart and welcome compassion as you breathe in slowly to the count of 3.
  • Allow your right hand to rest on your belly as you exhale your air out and think, “I am full of courage.”

Repeat this 5 to 10 times.

Step Two

It’s important to remind your daughter that it’s NORMAL to feel a sense of confusion and overwhelm when something important is coming up.

Get clarity with these two questions:

  1. Am I feeding my anxious thoughts and making this bigger than it needs to be?
  2. What’s real and what’s imagined right now?

Step Three

Remind your daughter that good habits and success are built over time.

So, it’s crucial that she explore what works well for her and what’s distracting her.

She’ll have a sense of CONTROL when she actually creates a schedule and sticks to it.

Here’s an approach my clients have found success with:

  • Study (30 minutes)

– no phone

–  no break

– no interruptions

  • Take a break  (30 minutes / choose one or two that work for you)

– have a snack

– check you media

– take a walk

– watch a funny video

– talk to a friend that makes you laugh

– practice Step One

REMEMBER – Confidence is a positive emotion that’s created by you.

It’s not about “no pain, no gain.”

That’s why I’d like to invite you to incorporate activities that will fuel your daughter’s happy hormones, because when she has a sense of balance and control over her environment, she’ll be unstoppable!

If these steps make perfect sense, but you’re not having any success putting them into practice, let me help make this easier for you.

Set up a Discovery Session and we’ll give your daughter the tools and strategies she needs to STAY STRONG.

What else works for you and your daughter when she’s feeling under pressure?

We’re ALWAYS stronger together!





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