How to Help Your Daughter Make New Friends

Is your daughter ready to make some new friends … those real friendships that feel safe and deeply connected? She’s not alone. The hard part is … everyone wants to be the one ASKED to join the group, but no one wants to do the asking. My clients are telling me how hard it is to take that first step and ask that fun-science-class-buddy if she can sit with her […]

3 Questions That May Change Your Daughter’s Perspective on Life

What’s one thing that kills your daughter’s confidence? Comparison  We all struggle with it, even though we know it’s the thief of happiness, motivation and joy. Every one of us wants to be our best selves and the best way to do that is to embrace our unique gifts. But sometimes life happens and we make the same mistake’s over and over – and lose sight of what makes us […]

4 Powerful Ways Your Teenage Daughter Can Help A Friend Who’s Struggling

Is your daughter  – or someone she knows – struggling right now?  One of the beautiful qualities of teenage girls is, they are passionate about helping each other. The hard part is, sometimes, healthy boundaries get blurred in the process. When your daughter’s talking with a friend who’s struggling, she may: Feel like she needs to “fix” her friends tough situation Take on her friend’s stress (she believes that makes […]

3 Quick Ways to Dissolve #GirlDrama

#Resiliency Reminder Is your daughter so dialed into #GirlDrama that she’s lost her perspective? 3 signs she may be slipping: She’s constantly hustling to “’fit-in” to a certain group Time spent with her tribe resembles a game of survival of the fittest Dismissing unkind peer behavior has become acceptable to her Sound familiar? Then, it’s time for a reality check. And, a new action plan. Why? Because the side-effects of […]

Your teen daughter’s toughest social challenge – her frenemy!

Your teen daughter’s toughest social challenge – her frenemy!

Are you bewildered why your daughter continues to hang out with the girlfriend that teases and humiliates her in front of her peers and then playfully invites her to hang out after school? If you’re struggling with how to support your daughter’s frenemy-like relationship, consider how tricky it must be for her to navigate! Frenemies are defined as “a person or group that is friendly toward another because the relationship […]