Are you ready to defy the bleak statistics for teenage girls? Start here …

How can you prevent your teenage daughter from becoming another *statistic?

Invest as much interest, support and time in discovering who she is and what lights her up from the inside out; as you do asking about test scores and PB’s (personal bests).

Teenage girls are somehow expected to know how to navigate life’s social and emotional challenges.

This is a myth – they need guidance and support – and may not know how to ask for it.

Learning how to love and trust who she, right here – right now, is a great place to start.

Take a look at Brené Brown’s checklist for learning Self-Trust from her most recent book, Braving the Wilderness.

Take a moment to truthfully answer these B-R-A-V-I-N-G questions (p.39).

B – Did I respect my own boundaries? Was I clear about what’s okay and what’s not okay?

R – Was I reliable? Did I do what I said I was going to do?

A – Did I hold myself accountable?

V – Did I respect the vault and share appropriately?

I – Did I act from integrity?

N – Did I ask for what I needed? Was I nonjudgmental about needing help?

G – Was I generous toward myself?

It’s time to help your daughter connect-the-dots between her inner-world and her ability to perform.

What’s one step you and your daughter can take to embrace her unique gifts and brave the wilderness?

* There’s a Startling Increase in Major Depression Among Teens in the U.S.

“Fear will lead us astray and arrogance is even more dangerous.” ~ Brené Brown

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