Ep – 16 Does your Teenage Daughter Need a Strong Sense of Self to be Successful in Life?

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Ep – 16 Does Your Teenage Daughter Need a Strong Sense of Self to be Successful in Life?

Show Notes

Hey Parents,

Is it possible for your daughter to solve her problems with the same thinking she used when she created them?

According to Albert Einstein, the answer is no.

But could he be wrong?

How about … we let your daughter decide?

Welcome back to episode #16

This is the first episode in a 4-part podcast series where we’re going to solve bite sized teen girl issues with my Signature Coaching System, the 4 Steps to Cultivating a Resilient Teen.

So, you and your daughter walk away with actionable, clear strategies and tips.

Develop a Strong Sense of Self

The first Step is Developing a Strong Sense of Self.

It’s an important place to start because if you think about it, every single thing your daughter says and does – her attitude, her happiness, her motivation, her success – all revolve around how she:

  • sees herself
  • what she thinks about herself
  • and how she talks to and about herself

And building a solid personal foundation will impact her personal power and the choices she makes as she creates a life she loves.

Building from the Inside Out

According to New York Times bestselling Author, Researcher and Mind-Body Expert, Dr Joe Dispenza, “there are three types of stress – physical, chemical, and emotional.”

Dr Joe is also teaches us that, you can turn on your stress response and the stress chemicals, by thought alone.

Hum, how interesting is that your daughter can turn on her stress response by thought alone?

So, I ask you … what happens when your daughter has a problem that she thinks or overthinks about in her mind?

Unfortunately, she’s likely inadvertently turning on her stress hormone, cortisol.

And, when cortisol is buzzing through her body, everything’s going to feel like too much.

And when everything feels like too much, meltdowns take the place of effective problem solving.

So, can your daughter truly solve her problems with the same thinking she used when she created them?

I’d like to invite her to be honest with herself when answering this question.

Because if she’s being a bit too stubborn, she may be sabotaging herself.

And that’s not what you want for her or what she wants for herself.

If you haven’t yet listened to podcast Episode #12 A Simpler Way for Your Teenage Daughter to Be Happier

I share a personal story and what helped me stop sabotaging myself as a teen.

I’ve had a lot of teens (and parents, too) say the story resonated with them, so if you have a few minutes, go ahead listen after you’ve finished this episode.

Okay, if you’ve been listening for a while you know we’re all about offering actionable, clear strategies and tips to life’s everyday teen-girl-world challenges.

Core Values

So, let’s introduce a concept that will build your daughter’s sense of self and give her the tools to effectively solve her problems – by defining her Core Values.

In a nutshell, core values are the foundation or platform for which your daughter lives her life.

Teenage girls are really good at helping their friends, but that’s not what this is about.

It’s about your daughter taking the time to understand who she is and what she needs from the inside out.

3-2-1 Method

And the best way to do that is the 3-2-1 Method.

Grab a pen and paper and …

Identify 3 non-negotiable rules for taking care of yourself

List 2 activities that bring you joy

Share 1 unique quality about you that you’re proud of

Because from insight comes empowerment.

And empowerment invites inspired action.

And taking inspired action will encourage your daughter to look at all the options and opportunities available to her to solve her problems.

So, maybe good ‘ol Einstein knew a thing or two about teenagers and decision making.

What does your daughter think?

What do you think?

We’d love to hear from you.

If you have a problem that you’re still trying to solve and you’d like a thinking partner, grab a 90-Minute Breakthrough Session.

It’s a good way to get clear about what you need and find strategies that work – and get a feel for what it’s like to work with me, if you’ve been thinking about signing up for my 90 Days to a More Resilient Teen Coaching Program.

The best part is you walk away with doable, proven strategies.

Speaking of finding strategies that work, join us next week as we identify the two biggest blocks that keep your daughter from having a positive educational experience and how to avoid them.

Thank you for sharing this podcast with other parents – our community is growing quickly and it’s an honor to be your guide.

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