Are you ready for a new approach with your tween or teenage daughter?

Are you worried about your teenage daughter right now?

When you look at what she’s doing every day, her behavior, her patterns , do you think … “is she going to be okay?”

As a parent, sometimes it can be hard to know when to intervene and when things will work themselves out.

If you’re not sure if this is normal or concerning, consider this for a moment.

It’s easier to cultivate a healthy teenager

than it is to repair an adult

So, WHAT is her behavior telling you and WHY is it important to pay attention?

Because …

~ the way she handles difficult conversations

~ her approach to uncomfortable situations

~ the way she views and responds to injustices in the world

Her thoughts, feelings and responses are going to follow her into her 20’s and beyond.

Do you want her to keep doing what she’s doing?


You’re not alone.

Go ahead, rock her world – in an awesome way – by introducing hope and possibility.

Rather than focusing on all the crappy, negative stuff encourage her to get creative and dream.

INVITE HER TO ASK , What if?  What if? What if …

  1. We handle this situation differently in the future
  2. You and I take a break until we’re calm and then revisit our conversation
  3. We put our differences on pause and make a commitment to listen to one another
  4. Agree to pay attention to the real “issue” here
  5. Recognize that if we want to connect, we need to change something
  6. Sometimes a tough situation can bring out the confidence necessary to speak up for what’s important
  7. When you work through the tough emotions, you realize that you’re stronger than you thought was possible
  8. Your self-worth isn’t related to your grades, your performance, your mistakes or your victories
  9. Create your own WHAT IF question that flips her thinking from negative to curious

It may sound a little strange, but your daughter’s behavior is speaking to you.

If you’re ready to get to the bottom of what’s going on and break her unhealthy habits, I can help.

Set up a Discovery Session and let’s figure out HOW TO create new, effective communication patterns so you can all have healthy relationships going forward.

I hear you … you want to help your daughter find her special place in the world because that’s where she’ll uncover her unique gifts.

But, you’re still not sure where to begin?

Fill out this quick, eye-opening quiz:

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You’re not meant to parent alone.

What can we do to support you right now?



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