GRIT, Your Daughter’s New Superpower

What happened to embracing the power of true GRIT?

The adolescent years can feel like a sprint, but creating confidence, integrity and resilience for all of life’s adventures is more like a marathon.

It’s a life long journey that’s going to require some good ol’ fashioned true grit from time to time.

Beyond IQ, talent, and whatever else has any kind of effect on anything, what most affects your ability to achieve your goals is grit. Grit is a combination of passion and perseverance, a belief that failure can be overcome … Grit is both a trait and a skill.” (Thomas Oppong for Medium)

But, who has time to discover passions and develop perseverance when everyone’s always focused on the OUTCOME?

Well, I suppose it’s a matter of priorities and a willingness to pay attention.

When your sprinting from task to task and goal to goal, it’s impossible to pinpoint:

  • What’s working / not working
  • Where you’re thriving / where you’re stuck

But, if you allow yourself time to slow down, you’ll find that life’s juicy lessons are just waiting for you.

Good ol’ fashioned grit is created in those quiet, uncomfortable moments when …

  • you feel like quitting because it’s too hard
  • it’s easier for everyone else because they’re just better, faster, smarter
  • the negative self-talk is so loud, it’s all you can hear

And, it’s not a one-size-fits-all or one-and-done experience.

Sometimes, you’ll wake up ready to roll and other days, it’s going to require a heavy dose of tenacity and courage.

For those moments when you need a little extra, grab a pen and piece of paper and try this quick exercise:

Answer these questions without hesitation … what comes to mind first:

1.) What are my unique abilities _______________________________________________?

(examples: creative, empathetic, witty, adaptable, organized, curious, funny, sporty, analytical, interesting – or choose your own!)

2.) What situations bring out my best qualities _____________________________________?

Now, fill in the blank:

I’m at my best when I’m ___________________________________________________.

The reason I love doing this is because _______________________________________.

When you tap into your unique gifts, you’ll begin to see opportunities you may have missed.

And, you’ll find that you are:

  • more focused on your goals
  • more productive
  • have more time to do the fun things you love

Actually, the best part is you’ll begin to trust in your ability to keep going.

Now, go get em’ and don’t worry about the outcome.

The lessons you learn along with way are worth their weight in gold.

If you’re interested in digging a little deeper into what’s working / not working or where you’re thriving / stuck, you’ll want to take this quick quiz:

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And, if you’re looking for something fun to watch with your daughter, take a look at this … keeping your sense of humor, while tapping into your true grit is super important!


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