If Motivation is What Your Teenage Daughter Craves, Here’s Her Solution

Does your teenage daughter WANT more “MOTIVATION?”

I hear this all the time from my clients … “if I just had more motivation, I’d do everything I’m supposed to do.”

Ah, wouldn’t it be nice if your daughter could just “order up” some motivation like a side of whip for her latte!

The trouble is, if your daughter is like most teens, she’s constantly distracted by her phone and her environment.

What she’s probably not realizing is, she’s unknowingly wearing herself down.

If your teenage daughter is ready to tap into her inner warrior – she simply needs to start PAYING ATTENTION.

Think about it, how’s she going to discover:

  • What she needs
  • And how to get it

If she’s not in tune with her internal operating system?

Rather than making suggestions you think will jump-start her engine, share this article with her instead.

Answering these questions will show her the correlation between her choices and her motivation level.

My only suggestion – be honest:

1.) What’s zapping your energy?

A few I hear regularly are:

  • When I’m constantly comparing myself to other people
  • The intense feeling of jealousy that comes over me when I see people doing something that I want to do or have something I want what
  • When no one responds to my invitation to do something and then leave me out

2.) How much time are you spending thinking about the negative stuff?

Often, I’m told:

  • I’m obsessed with why they left me out and think about it all day
  • My friends and I are constantly talking about and posting what’s happening/happened
  • I never stop thinking about it

3.) What are your favorite excuses?

As you can image, these can get really interesting:

  • I can’t stop because it’s just what everyone does
  • If I miss something my friends will get mad at me
  • Always being on my phone really isn’t a problem for me

Okay … now that she’s identified what’s draining her emotional tank, it’s time to set up a daily practice that stops the negativity train and puts her in control of her environment.

Step One: Tap into Your 5 Senses

To do this, simply take a moment to identify a curious, interesting or positive:

Noise you HEAR

Surface you can TOUCH

SMELL as you breathe deeply

Event you SEE happening around you

TASTE in your mouth when you swallow

Step Two: Manage your Mind

Now listen to what your body and mind are saying and:

Allow the feeling or sensation to wash over you (remember it’s temporary)

Acknowledge what it feels like in your body (label it)

Focus on something that’s enjoyable or meaningful to you as you move through this experience

Pay homage to the positive thoughts and happy hormones that begin to run through your body

Consciously allow your moment in time to become a positive memory

This may sound a little corny, but your daughter can learn hardwire her mind to ACTIVATE MOTIVATION when she needs it.

Simply by paying attention to her internal operating system she’ll discover HOW TO create the positive experiences she craves.

Does your daughter have the mental, emotional and physical energy she needs to be her BEST SELF every day?

We’d love to hear what works well for her!

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We’re always stronger together!





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