What’s the SECRET to Showing Up Calm and Confident for Your Teenage Daughter?

What’s the SECRET to showing up calm and confident for your teenage daughter?

It’s actually pretty simple … just follow the steps in this Rapid Response Guide.

This article dives into Step ThreeExplore the Landscape – because it’s essential to consider THE BIG PICTURE when you’re raising a teenager.

The gems and nuggets you’ll gather when you take a bird’s eye view will help you ditch the drama and simplify your approach.

Here’s what you’ll want to do … visit and re-visit these questions as you look at what’s going on:

1.) Is this an “isolated incident” or do I see a pattern forming?

In other words, is your daughter struggling in more than one area right now?

  • tribal unrest
  • increased isolation
  • weight fluctuation
  • declining grades

2.) What’s the message your daughter is sending you right now?

All behaviors contain a message.

Unpacking the reason WHY your daughter is acting a certain way will help you determine WHAT she needs to feel aligned and happy.

3.) Are MY actions clearly reflecting my intentions?

Is your approach sending your daughter the message you really want to send?

Explore a few ways to say what you really want to say and ask yourself … “am I clearly making my point?”

Remember, keep it simple.

Your daughter needs what you need:

  • to be listened to
  • to feel important in the world
  • to experience unconditional love
  • to believe that things will be okay

If you’re thinking … “how in the world can I get a clear perspective when life feels so intense right now?”

Here’s your SOLUTION:

Review Step One of the RRG because the 5 Rapid Response Questions are designed to help you stay “in neutral” when things get messy.

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Next, look at Step Two because those three little words will make a big difference in setting the stage for a comfortable and soulful interaction.

     Three Little Words that will Change Everything for your Teenage Daughter

Lastly, take the time to explore the third step because it’ll provide the clarity you’re looking for.

If this just feels like TOO MUCH, you’re not alone.

Connect with me, like so many other families have already done, and design a program that gives you all you the tools and strategies you and your daughter need to:

  • Learn to connect through conflict
  • Discover where she excels so she can develop a sense of personal power
  • Approach academics and life with a growth mindset
  • Mitigate the negative effects of social media
  • Raise body awareness

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