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The Ultimate Self-Advocacy Guide for Teens | Ep 3

Show Notes

Have you thought much about what’s it like to be a teenage girl these days?

Welcome to Episode #3

We’re going to dive into a 5-step Guide that going to help your daughter grasp the power of choice and influence she has over her life

  • between the perception warping world of social media literally at their fingertips 24/7
  • an often-unsettling daily dose of pandemic uncertainty
  • and the makings of a new America

It’s no wonder the stress and anxiety levels for teenagers are skyrocketing right now.

Especially, if you think your daughter may be a highly sensitive person, all these things can add an extra layer of stress.

As a sensitive person, I get it, all the events in today’s world can make her want to crawl into a shell and stay there.

But rest assured, todays podcast isn’t about what’s causing all that stress.

As a parent and teen coach, it’s my mission to give you the best tools and most up to date research to help your daughter handle her everyday stressors.

So, I’d like to start by asking you…

What comes to mind when you hear the iconic Oprah Winfrey say,

What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.”

I’m asking because I want your daughter to think about what speaking her truth really means to her.

You and I know, sometimes it just feels way too scary for teenage girls to self-advocate.

Not to mention, our society often sends young women really mixed messages like:

  • be bold yet respectful
  • be nice but not a pushover
  • be purposeful without sounding arrogant

SO, what’s it going to take to break these barriers and make it easier for your daughter to

  • speak out and feel heard?
  • and find her place in the world?

Well, let’s start with a 5-STEP GUIDE that’ll teach your daughter how to use her most powerful tool and set herself up for success.

This exercise requires you to block out all the noise around you.

I’d suggest sitting comfortably in a chair and closing your eyes.

Now, visualize a giant Sequoia tree firmly rooted, standing tall.

Now imagine YOU are that beautiful, sturdy tree.

No matter what’s going on around you – you are going to RISE.

The R represents your daughter’s ROOTS, who she is below the surface.

Explore your daughter’s private self

    • what are her morals? What are her core values?
    • how do those influence the choices she makes?

Next, consider her public self

    • what’s your daughters identified “persona”
    • how does she present herself to the world – particularly the land of social media?

Now take a look at her environment and assess if it’s giving her the nutrients she needs to thrive? Or are there elements that are compromising her growth?

Okay, move your mind’s eye up the tree and focus to the trunk of the tree.


You’re going to Investigate how well her “trunk” will withstand adversity – because as you know, sometimes the weather can change in the blink of an eye.

That’s why Self-care is so important.

There are 3 simple, kinda no-brainer things your daughter can do to take care of herself…manage her sleep / wake schedule, drink enough water and move her body.

Another aspect you’ll want to investigate is your daughter’s ability to CHOOSE what to think and how to react to her situations.

(We covered the importance of S&EI in Episode 2, so if you missed it, you may want to take a few minutes after this podcast – see show notes below)

Now, let’s pull your lens back and gaze at the limbs of the tree.

Picture them reaching and stretching out across the landscape.

The S in RISE is your daughter’s SENSE of belonging

How connected to her tribe and her community does she feel?

Many of my clients like to volunteer for causes they believe in because it’s another way of finding your tribe.

Or maybe there’s a club she’s wants to try out – the only way she’s going to know if it’s her thing is to TRY IT.

Lastly, the leaves are what make the tree truly unique and recognizing her gifts is how your daughter will EVOLVE.

The E in RISE is Evolve – how does she want to show up in the world?

This is the best part because discovering where your daughter shines totally boosts her self-confidence.

And gives her perceived weakness a clearer perspective.

In reality, some things come easy.

And some things have a huge learning curve.

(like podcasting – seriously, my podcast learning curve is steeeeppp)

Anyhow, as your daughter learns more and more about who she is, and what she wants out of life, it’ll be easier for her to speak her truth.

And as, Brené Brown says:

Vulnerability is the willingness to show up and be seen with no guarantee of outcome – it’s the only path to more love, belonging, and joy.

The downside? You’re going to stumble, fall, and get your ass kicked.

Worth it? Yes.”

Of course, it’s worth it.

Of course, it’s hard sometimes

But your daughter CAN DO HARD THINGS.

So, let’s give your daughter the tools to

  • Stand tall
  • Confidently deal with society’s mixed messages

By using the most powerful tool she has – speaking her truth.

Annnnd, if thinking about the life’s injustices get you all fired up – you won’t want to miss the next episode.

We’re going to teach you 3 body hacks that’ll help you hang on to your fierce emotions without losing your cool.

It’s going to be great fun, I promise!

Show Resources:

We covered the importance of S&EI in Episode 2, so if you missed it, you may want to take a few minutes after this podcast