The “S” Word Your Daughter Needs to Stop Using

The “S” Word your Daughter Needs to Stop Using. Is your daughter constantly saying “Sorry … Sorry, I just ……….?” Not only has the use of “Sorry” become an epidemic with teenage girls, it may be: Damaging your daughter’s sense of self Inadvertently belittling her character Because your daughter’s BEST, most confident self, doesn’t need to apologize for every thought or opinion that comes out of her mouth. If this […]

Highly Sensitive Teens Need a Break Sometimes ~ Find Relief Now

#ResiliencyReminder Highly sensitive teens need a break sometimes. They need to practice fine-tuning their filter. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the “noise” around you, find a place to re-calibrate. Take 5 minutes alone. State your mantra or positive self-affirmation – I’m okay – or create one that works for you. Listen carefully to what your mind and body need. Commit to doing one thing – right now – that […]

3 Quick Ways to Dissolve #GirlDrama

#Resiliency Reminder Is your daughter so dialed into #GirlDrama that she’s lost her perspective? 3 signs she may be slipping: She’s constantly hustling to “’fit-in” to a certain group Time spent with her tribe resembles a game of survival of the fittest Dismissing unkind peer behavior has become acceptable to her Sound familiar? Then, it’s time for a reality check. And, a new action plan. Why? Because the side-effects of […]