Could This Be The Parenting Solution You’re Looking For?

Are you constantly reading Parenting books for new ideas and strategies to help your daughter cope with the teenage-turbulence you are all experiencing?

Maybe you appreciate all the good ideas and suggestions you gather, but, when it comes to actually trying those new approaches, you feel like they’re stuck in your head?

Preparing yourself to try a new parenting “strategy” can be scary and rattle even the most confident parents.

Especially, if your previous attempts fell flat or backfired on you.

I often feel this way about the promising new social media marketing ideas I read about.

I get super excited about implementing the cool, new designs but, when it’s time to execute my ideas … my brain locks up and frustration surges through my veins.

And, the next thing I know, I’m scrolling through Instagram or getting a snack!

You get the picture.

Have you ever felt this way when you’re trying to reason with your teenage daughter?

You’re one of many.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from parents is “why do my best intentions fail miserably every time I talk to my teenager?”

This question got me thinking …

Why are those moments in life – you know, the heart centered one’s – consistently pushing us out of our comfort zone?

If you recall one of your greatest accomplishments, what would it be?

Did you experience that pulsing in your veins and buzzing in your ears?

Who was the one person you trusted to support you, inspire you, guide you and hold you accountable?

Some of the toughest challenges, like parenting a teen, often nudge us to reflect on past pains and deep-seated beliefs that cause uncomfortable feelings.

However, being vulnerable together, with your teen, will build a mutual trust and resiliency.

If you’re ready to:

  • “un-stuck” your brilliant parenting ideas
  • execute them with confidence and curiosity

Try this challenge for ONE week!

  1. Commit to Slowing Down So you can Go Faster (towards your goal)
  • Find two minutes a day to recall a moment in time when your heart feels at peace
  • What’s happening in that moment to create that feeling?
  • Piece those moments together and allow them to feed your soul
  • Then build those rituals into your daily routine
  1. Take Control over the Things that Control You (you’re not at the mercy of your thoughts)
  • Create time on your calendar to process your uncomfortable thoughts – but limit the time to 20 minutes or less
  • Set a timer
  • When the timer goes off, close your eyes and repeat a self-affirming statement 3 times (Try: “I can handle whatever comes my way, you can handle whatever comes your way” or make up your own)
  • Then engage in a heart-warming activity that will rejuvenate you

Over time, you’ll develop a sense of personal trust as you take charge of your thoughts and reactions.

The small shifts are sustainable and will decrease the overwhelming feelings.

More importantly, they will allow you to feel energized and so you can try a variety of approaches and learn what work best.

Remember, don’t worry about perfection – and – hang on to your sense of humor!

As Dr. Seuss reminds us that … “Life’s a Great Balancing Act. Just never forget to be dexterous and deft.” (taken from one of my all-time favorite books: Oh, The Places You’ll Go!)

However, if you feel like you need a chisel and hammer to break down your undesirable patterns and the buddy system isn’t doing the trick, please give me a call, it’s free, click here for a quick Discovery Session.

Find out if my 90 Days to a More Resilient Teen is the coaching program that will bring you the peace and harmony you’re ready for.

Failure is a big buzz word right now, though, I consider it to be full of insight and opportunity.

What are your thoughts around the word Failure?

We’d love to hear from you!






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