The “S” Word Your Daughter Needs to Stop Using

The “S” Word your Daughter Needs to Stop Using.

Is your daughter constantly saying “Sorry … Sorry, I just ……….?”

Not only has the use of “Sorry” become an epidemic with teenage girls, it may be:

  • Damaging your daughter’s sense of self
  • Inadvertently belittling her character

Because your daughter’s BEST, most confident self, doesn’t need to apologize for every thought or opinion that comes out of her mouth.

If this is happening with your daughter, it’s time to get curious and ask:

Is she facing a regretful situation where an apology is warranted?

– or –

Is she chronically apologizing out of habit?

The good news is, she can replace her habit by using self-affirming statements instead.

So, rather than saying “sorry,” try these:

  • Next time I will …
  • In the future I can …
  • It would be ideal if …
  • If I’ve made a mistake, let’s talk about it …
  • This is how I feel …

If your daughter slips and utters the “S” word, remind her that’s okay, new habits take time to put into action.

Give it another go, by saying:

“Oops, I didn’t mean to say it that way … let me try this again.”

Humor and imperfection are always welcome!

If your daughter’s apologizing stems from feelings of not being enough or lack of self-esteem, help her find the support she needs to discover and be proud of her unique gifts.

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