Tired of Feeling Guilty? Here’s your guide to show up calm and confident every time

Are you tired of “losing it” with your daughter and then feeling guilty? If you’re like most parents, those contentious interactions leave you feeling disconnected, exhausted and totally frustrated. You understand that your teenage daughter is managing a lot these days – BUT SO ARE YOU. It’s not always easy to show up the way you want to when a tough situation arises. Wanting tools and strategies to navigate the […]

Will She just Figure This Out?

Are you thinking …will she just figure this out? I had an exasperated parent approach me last week desperately wanting to know, WHAT IS THE ANSWER TO ALL THIS SOCIAL MEDIA DRAMA because it’s not going away! Even though her daughter is in high school now, the high-high’s and low-lows continue – and it’s become a constant power struggle. Her frustration was palpable, and it makes my heart hurt because […]

Is your daughter’s device killing her dreams?

What’s your toughest parenting challenge right now? The biggest source of stress for my clients is probably not going to surprise you. If you’re desperately trying to find ways to gracefully and tactfully help your daughter handle social media posts that feel like a devastating sucker punch, you’re not alone. I think we all know that social media isn’t going away and certainly has some positive attributes. However, if your […]

The Four-Letter Word That’s Causing All Your Daughter’s Problems

When you hear your daughter utter “I’m stressing,” what does that mean? I hear this expression all the time from the parents and teens I work with. When I ask my clients, what’s causing this chronic stressful state, it always boils down to one unpleasant emotion – fear. The fear of: Not living up to her parents’ standards or other people’s expectations Disappointing herself by setting a goal and failing […]