Is your teenage daughter playing a dangerous game of popularity chess? Help her navigate this tricky game and make smart moves.

Are you caught up in the complex and dreadful parenting phase better known as social-media-maintenance-hell? I must admit, I didn’t anticipate the issues this virtual Pandora’s Box would bring to our family when my husband and I gave our tweens a smart phone. While there are certainly benefits to being active in the social media world, it’s tough to ignore the impact this chaotic environment may be having on your […]

Are you Wondering Where Your Sweet Little Girl Went? Solve the Mystery with These 5 Hints.

Is your teenage daughter’s lack of engagement causing feelings of loss and frustration? What feels more out of control … the lack of communication from your daughter? or, the unsettling assumptions that creep into your mind when she won’t talk to you? If you’re attempting to push, pull or plea with to her to share a glimpse of her inner world, the one she seems to have securely under lock […]

3 Body Hacks your Teenage Daughter Won’t Want to Forget

Teenage girls are undoubtedly some of the most passionate people on earth. Fierce emotions allow your daughter to love deeply and react profoundly. What happens when she feels like she’s been humiliated, exposed, intentionally left out or lied to by someone in her tribe – someone she trusts and cares deeply about? When tribal unrest hits home, it’s no surprise that your daughter feels like she’s inhaled a large bag […]

#TimesUp – The Ultimate Self-Advocacy Guide for Teens

Have you and your daughter had an opportunity to talk about the #metoo, #timesup or #whywewearblack movement? Even though the glass ceiling hasn’t quite shattered or the hinges torn off the doors of inequality just yet, I’m hopeful that Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes will bring positive change … for your daughter and mine. It’s no secret that sexual harassment, discrimination and disempowerment towards woman reaches far beyond the […]

The Social Media Beast that Dims your Daughter’s Spirit … and how to help her conquer it.

Somewhere between childhood and adulthood your teenage daughter passes through the copious rite-of-passage called adolescence. Those turbulent teenage years where it’s exciting to watch her grow into her own person – but hard to: let go and lose control make sense of her intense feelings manage your differences of opinion Do you remember your teenage years? When I look back, my heart and mind are filled with memories that range […]

3 Proven Steps to Help your Stressed-Out Teen

If your daughter could make ONE wish, what would it be? Studies show that teens are experiencing a higher rate of tension headaches and disrupted sleep. They’re struggling with how to balance multiple responsibilities … and it feels like too much to manage. When your daughter experiences a significant stressor, and doesn’t have the tools to cope, it’s normal to “wish” the pain and problem would just go away, so […]