Strengthen Your Daughter’s Resiliency Muscle and Build her Confidence with this ‘Secret Weapon’

Is your daughter avoiding certain people or situations? Teenage girls are social creatures and creating solid connections is the name of the game. So, chances are, if she’s not engaging, tribal unrest may be trending in her social circle. As a parent, you’ve likely come to anticipate her adolescent mood swings by building a tolerance for the tension. But if your daughter is: at odds with her bestie managing a

How Many ‘Strategies’ does your Teenage Daughter Need to Feel this Good … How about 2?

When’s the last time you felt a jolt of excitement run through your veins? Sometimes, as parents, raising teenagers can feel all encompassing, tedious and over-scheduled. So when an amazing opportunity arrived via email this summer  – electricity ran through my veins. There it was, a chance to be in live and in-person at a 2-day HPS Core Training with the folks at Heroic Public Speaking. They had a few

What Your Teenage Daughter Needs to Know About Her “Thought Holes” and How To Avoid Them

Is your daughter a hard worker who feels defeated and frustrated when things don’t go her way? It can be tough when she’s TRYING HER BEST but feels like it’s not working. Maybe it’s time to learn how to “Try Differently” and outsmart the forces that are holding her back. Sometimes your daughter’s habits cause her to repeat certain patterns of behavior and then it becomes a vicious cycle she

How to Help Your Daughter Make New Friends

Is your daughter ready to make some new friends … those real friendships that feel safe and deeply connected? She’s not alone. The hard part is … everyone wants to be the one ASKED to join the group, but no one wants to do the asking. My clients are telling me how hard it is to take that first step and ask that fun-science-class-buddy if she can sit with her