Helping Teens Find Peace In a World Filled With Uncertainty

Is it time to help your teenage daughter make peace with uncertainty? Perhaps she tends to: Overthink difficult situations Put her bad experiences on repeat Allow her inner critic to take center stage The first step is to help your daughter understand that it’s NOT HER FAULT when everything feels like a complete and utter disaster. Let’s introduce her to the theory that’s causing her to ruminate on what’s going

3 Questions That May Change Your Daughter’s Perspective on Life

What’s one thing that kills your daughter’s confidence? Comparison  We all struggle with it, even though we know it’s the thief of happiness, motivation and joy. Every one of us wants to be our best selves and the best way to do that is to embrace our unique gifts. But sometimes life happens and we make the same mistake’s over and over – and lose sight of what makes us

4 Powerful Ways Your Teenage Daughter Can Help A Friend Who’s Struggling

Is your daughter  – or sometime she knows – struggling right now?  One of the beautiful qualities of teenage girls is, they are passionate about helping each other. The hard part is, sometimes, healthy boundaries get blurred in the process. When your daughter’s talking with a friend who’s struggling, she may: Feel like she needs to “fix” her friends tough situation Take on her friend’s stress (she believes that makes

3 Simple Steps to Keep Your Daughter Strong When She’s Under Pressure

Is your daughter stressing over an important exam or project? My clients keep telling me they feel so much pressure right now and it’s causing them to: Freak out Procrastinate Feel really tired Does this sound familiar? If you said “YES,” it may be because your daughter has allowed her inner critic to take center stage and chip away at her confidence and energy. This simple 3-Step process will help