If Motivation is What Your Teenage Daughter Craves, Here’s Her Solution

Does your teenage daughter WANT more “MOTIVATION?” I hear this all the time from my clients … “if I just had more motivation, I’d do everything I’m supposed to do.” Ah, wouldn’t it be nice if your daughter could just “order up” some motivation like a side of whip for her latte! The trouble is, if your daughter is like most teens, she’s constantly distracted by her phone and her

What’s the SECRET to Showing Up Calm and Confident for Your Teenage Daughter?

What’s the SECRET to showing up calm and confident for your teenage daughter? It’s actually pretty simple … just follow the steps in this Rapid Response Guide. This article dives into Step Three – Explore the Landscape – because it’s essential to consider THE BIG PICTURE when you’re raising a teenager. The gems and nuggets you’ll gather when you take a bird’s eye view will help you ditch the drama

Three Little Words That Will Change Everything For Teenage Daughter

Have you ever tired talking to your nervous system? Sounds silly, right? Well, if the approach you’re taking with your teenage daughter isn’t working right now, I’d like to invite you to give it a try. Think about it this way … when emotions are running high, it’s normal for your body and mind to tense up. When your contentious energy collides with your daughter’s emotions, no one feels good

Tired of Feeling Guilty? Here’s your guide to show up calm and confident every time

Are you tired of “losing it” with your daughter and then feeling guilty? If you’re like most parents, those contentious interactions leave you feeling disconnected, exhausted and totally frustrated. You understand that your teenage daughter is managing a lot these days – BUT SO ARE YOU. It’s not always easy to show up the way you want to when a tough situation arises. Wanting tools and strategies to navigate the